Interview 25: Studying the Trinity, Discovering God Is One (Sean Holbrook)

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Sean Holbrook was attending a typical evangelical church when he heard a series of sermons teaching the Trinity.  Ironically, these very messages, designed to bolster faith in the doctrine, ended up inspiring Holbrook to question the age old dogma.  As a result, he set out to study the topic more and watched James White debates and read his book The Forgotten Trinity.  Once again, what was meant to convince Holbrook of the Trinity opened his eyes to more flaws and shaky logic that spurred him on to study the subject even further.  After much investigation and careful consideration, he concluded the bible teaches that the Father of Jesus is the only true God.

Early in 2017, Sean Holbrook debated Joshua Lovell on the question: Is God a Trinity?

Here’s another link to the debate with better audio quality.

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