Interview 24: What Is the Trinity with Dale Tuggy

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Do you know what the Trinity is?  Could you explain it to someone else or is it just a confusing collection of impenetrable statements hidden under a cloud of fog?  In his recent book, Professor Dale Tuggy seeks to clarify everyone’s perceptions of the various Trinity theories so that we can have productive conversation on the subject.  He delves deep into the various key concepts like explaining various ways of thinking about persons and essence (ousia) to help you make sense of it all.  Whether you believe in the Trinity or not, this interview will help you understand how to have more focused and profitable conversation on this important doctrine.

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2 thoughts on “Interview 24: What Is the Trinity with Dale Tuggy

  • Well, not 3 minutes into it the Prof. Tuggy sets an unbiblical standard of between “Christians” and Heretics in asserting that if one does not adhere to a Trinitarian perspective they are not Christians. Sorry but that’s enough to tell me that whatever may follow is most likely also going to be unbiblical.

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