Top 5 Regular Podcasts from 2016

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Here are the top five* regular Restitutio podcasts (not including Off Script episodes and Interviews):

1 Theism, Atheism, and Pantheism

[214 Downloads] In Building Belief, Chad Meister uses a worldview comparison chart to simplify all the religions of the world into three broad categories: theism, atheism, and pantheism. This strategy will help you to compare and contrast five major aspects of these three worldviews, including theology, ontology, epistemology, axiology, and anthropology….

2 Pluralism, Post-Modernism, Relativism, and Truth

[188 Downloads] What Is Truth? In order to establish any of the claims of Christianity, we must first make a case for truth itself. How can you hope to provide reasons for God’s existence or Christ’s resurrection if the person your talking to claims, “That’s just your truth, and I’m glad it works for you…

3 Did Jesus Exist?

[185 Downloads] Historical Jesus Have you ever heard of the Jesus mythicists? They teach that Jesus never existed, that he’s a myth. How would you go about debunking this claim? Are you aware of what historical sources mention Jesus and early Christianity? In this lecture you’ll learn what’s out there from biblical authors, historians, and…

4 Does God Exist?

[181 Downloads] Teleological Arguments for God’s Existence If someone asked you, “Why do you believe in God?” How would you answer? Sadly, most of us would flounder around, maybe talking about the bible or second-hand miracles. However, philosophers have long identified three classic approaches to reasoning about God’s existence: the ontological, cosmological, and teleological arguments…

5 Four More Reasons Why God Exists

[179 Downloads] Arguments for God (Part Two) In this lecture, you’ll learn four more reasons for God’s existence, including the cosmological argument, moral argument, miracles argument, and the ontological argument. These are each quite different from each other, which is great because it increases their cumulative effect. Last of all, you’ll learn about “Pascal’s Wager,”…

*Number calculated based on unique downloads. Thus, downloading the same episode 10 times would still only count as 1. This data only goes back to August so it doesn’t accurately reflect the entire year. Data collected through

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