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nathan crowder

Nathan Crowder

Nathan Crowder fell asleep on November 24, 2015 in Sanford, Florida USA.  He now awaits the resurrection in which he so passionately believed.  In an effort to honor him, I have collected what works I have of his below:

Christ–the Firstborn Head of the Universe

Nathan presented this paper and talk at the 6th annual One God Theological Conference held at Living Hope in Latham, NY on June 8, 2007.  His paper explains the first chapter of Colossians within the more comprehensive biblical framework of God’s image lost and restored in Christ who as a man represents and restores humanity back to what God wanted.  He makes the case that aspects of this restoration are available in the present because of what the Messiah accomplished even if we await the resurrection for the complete fulfillment.

Christ–The Firstborn Head of the Universe:




Nathan Preaching to Strangers

Here are two YouTube videos of Nathan preaching to people in 2007:

Nathan discusses his faith with a stranger in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.  It is a remarkable example of how challenging it can be to share the gospel with someone who comes from a nontraditional worldview.  Nathan expertly draws him in with questions and ably presents the gospel to him with compassion and without sugar coating it.

Nathan preaches to Josh Robinson in Central Park, Schenectady, NY.  Josh’s matter of fact transparency surprised Nathan, and allowed for a speedy gospel presentation.


Evangelism Class

On June 6-8 Nathan co-taught an evangelism weekend seminar.  He called his sharing “The Aims of Evangelism” and he focused on the need for genuine godly sorrow and repentance.  In addition he participated in the panel discussion with Victor Gluckin and myself, called “Overcoming Objections.”

The Aims of Evangelism:


Overcoming Objections (Q&A from Audience):


Truth Matters Radio Interview

This is an interview I did with Nathan that broadcasted on the Alive Radio Network throughout upstate New York and Western Massachusetts on June 21, 2009.  This was one of the last shows I did because the radio station censored us shortly afterwards.  Here is the original description of the show from 2009:

Nathan Crowder of Schenectady, NY, has bachelor degrees from the University of Florida in Political Science and Zion Bible Institute in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. Throughout his Christian life he has diligently searched to discover biblical truth. This quest began when he discovered that the Bible taught that the destination of the redeemed was the kingdom of God on earth in fulfillment of the promises made by God to Abraham and David. He was surprised to learn while at Bible College that they did not teach this simple truth but instead ascribed to the mythological view that at death righteous souls escape the body to go to heaven. This first discovery prompted more investigation and more skepticism in regard to other teachings commonly accepted in mainstream Christianity.

As time went on, Nathan came to see that the phrase “Son of God” in the Bible did not in any way imply deity, but rather this was a title for the Messiah. He learned that the Hebrew concept of Messiah was that a human being would be divinely empowered by God to rule the world on his behalf. As time went on he increasingly came to question the traditional doctrine of the Trinity and found himself reading books by biblical unitarians like Anthony Buzzard, which made more sense of the biblical data. Listen in to this show to hear Nathan’s journey of faith.

A Journey to Monotheism with Nathan Crowder:


Christian Monotheism Videos

Nathan helped me with a set of three videos for  I had written the script and was hoping another friend could read it on camera.  At the last minute Nathan agreed to substitute in since the original reader was unavailable.  In these videos he reads from a teleprompter and gives a guided tour to the Christian Monotheism website.  As of December 4, 2015 these three videos have received nearly 82,000 views.


To read Nathan’s obituary, click here.  He will be greatly missed.

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