Revive 2018 Sermons

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On January 5-7, seventy-five of us gathered to spend a weekend focused on the theme “Glorious Love.” We sang, we cried, we laughed, we played hungry hungry hippos, we played floor hockey, we had a panel discussion, we warmed ourselves by a fire, we renewed old friendships and made new friends, and we heard inspiring and practical bible teachings. Revive 2018 was truly a wonderful time together. Here are the messages we recorded. (Thanks Matt Elton for doing this.)

Friday Night

Joe Testa: God Loves You


Russell Brown: Love God



Saturday Morning

Stan Chee: Love Your Roommates


Dan Fitzsimmons: Love Your Coworkers


Blake Cortright: Love the Needy



Saturday Night

Victor Gluckin: Love Difficult People


Panel Discussion with Pam Chee, Rose Rider, Sean Finnegan, Victor Gluckin



Sunday Morning

Dan Wall: Glorious Love


Sean Finnegan: Get Up and Keep Loving



Here’s a shot of most of the attendees, though some had already left before this picture was taken:



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