Off Script 39: Sexual Harassment, A Christian Response

Off Script 39: Sexual Harassment, A Christian Response
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Several significant sexual harassment cases have come to light in the last few months.  Now a whole range of behaviors have come under scrutiny as women (and some men) have felt emboldened to make public their experiences.  In this episode we even out our Off Script panel with one more female voice, Terri Crowder, to help us discuss this prevalent phenomenon from street corners to workplaces to churches.  After discussing sexual harassment in some detail, we bring relevant scriptures to light to provide a Christian response.

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One thought on “Off Script 39: Sexual Harassment, A Christian Response

  • Hi Sean and team I love listening to your podcasts.
    The variety of topics on this website the easy listening the Biblical and uncompromising standards are addictive and truly edifying in the pursuit of following Christ. This topic( sexual harassment) is very prevelant in every facet of life, my current work place is brutal in stamping out any of this behaviour as a long standing work colleague found out swiftly it definitely sets filters in place. Ignorance is a yesterday excuse.

    Many blessings,prayers for this ministry.

    In appreciation
    Arthur Senis

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