Interview 30: When God Speaks (Alan Cain)

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Have you ever noticed that pastors tend to get called to bigger churches over time, usually with better pay.  However, after fifteen years of serving at a church in rural South Carolina, Pastor Alan Cain heard God calling him to move to a smaller church that was having financial difficulty.  Although he took some convincing, Cain moved his wife and children up to Ohio and began serving at the Lawrenceville Church of God.  Over the past thirteen years, they’ve gone from 30 people in attendance on a typical Sunday to 175!  In this interview I ask Cain what his secret is.  The answer he gives may surprise you.

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3 thoughts on “Interview 30: When God Speaks (Alan Cain)

  • I loved this interview and Alan’s remarks. They were both a blessing and an inspiration. We were good friends with his mother Grace in our OBC days, so I particularly liked the final story, but I also was impressed with the idea of ministry to the community without expecting anything in return! God bless you both. – Paul Shaw

  • Alan,
    Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I was blessed in listening to your interview with Sean. I agree wholeheartedly with you and loved your sharing your special God moments. We need to hear more of that from our people – Dave Cheatwood

  • As always, a great interview well worth the time taken to listen to. I believe Alan Cain has a great heart and despite some theological disagreements we may have with each other, his position on giving to others is fantastic and one position many should adopt, apply and live out.

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