Interview 22: The 21st Century Reformation (J. Dan and Sharon Gill)

Interview 22: The 21st Century Reformation (J. Dan and Sharon Gill)

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J. Dan and Sharon Gill are part of a growing movement of bible students who have concluded that the Father of Jesus is the only true God.  They’re so passionate about this truth that in 2008, they launched their website, called Twenty-First Century Reformation (  To date they’ve received over 700,000 views on YouT ube, not to mention visitors to the site.  In this interview you’ll here a bit about the Gill’s journey of faith from oneness to one, why they decided to launch 21st century reformation, how Sharon became “the most tech savvy grandma in America,” how they came up with the name, and their vision for the future.

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One thought on “Interview 22: The 21st Century Reformation (J. Dan and Sharon Gill)

  • Hello from Australia, loved the interview with Dan and Sharon Gill, and the interview with Sir Anthony Buzzard. I found it interesting with both interviews, that there was a substantial period of time passing while looking for truth and awaiting for some purposeful direction to serve the Lord. I know from experience how it can be unsettling wondering what direction one needs to take. It reminds me of Moses who thought he could effect some salvation for the Israelite’s in slavery in Egypt, only to have to flee and wait for a few decades before God used him mightily. It was encouraging from the personal experiences of those who you interviewed to be reminded how one needs to be patient, not to be anxious, serve God as best as we know, and that in Gods time he may reveal how we can serve him in some more acceptable way, possibly even in a mighty way as with Moses and even the Gills and Anthony Buzzard!
    Loved the podcast on the context of the Roman rule during in which Jesus preached the Kingdom message. I was always puzzled why Jesus for a time would strictly command certain ones not to announce him as the Son of God or Messiah! And when he would silence the demons who would loudly cry out that he was the Son of God. I can understand better now, because of the prevailing dangerous Roman political environment, and how at the right time, his time, Jesus pulls out all stops and enters triumphantly into Jerusalem with great fanfare, colt, palm branches, cloaks (red carpet) and cheering.(Hosanna). Good work, may God bless you, please keep up the ministry.

    On another point you have asked for suggestions on subject matter. I wonder if you have discussed the matter of marrying only in the Lord. I guess today there is no fear of the Messianic Davidic linage being diffused or lost, and the obvious benefits are apparent from marrying someone who closely shares your views on everything christian. However today there is a vast array of people with widely ranging different views who profess to be “Christians.” How should I advise my children who are young adults. How tolerant should one be of others who may not conform exactly to all of ones personal beliefs on certain matters. Looking forward to hearing from you on the subject in some future podcast.

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