Interview 18: God Woos Fashion Set Designer from Gay Lifestyle (Becket Cook)

Interview 18: God Woos Fashion Set Designer from Gay Lifestyle (Becket Cook)

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Meet Becket Cook.  He’s a very well-connected gay fashion set designer who has traveled the world, attended the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, etc., and rubbed shoulders with Hollywood’s A-list actors.  One day he saw Christians reading their bibles in a trendy coffee shop in LA and engaged them in conversation.  One of them invited Cook to church and he went to check it out.  That Sunday God encountered him in a spectacular way that instantaneously changed his life from that day forward.  God gave him a vision of his holiness and in a moment Cook knew that God was real, Jesus was real, eternal life was real and that homosexuality was wrong.  In addition to his testimony, I ask him what questions he gets asked, including:

  1. Can you be a Christian if you’re gay
  2. Isn’t it unfair that you don’t get to have a partner for the rest of your life?
  3. Are you straight now that you’re a Christian?
  4. Are people born gay?

Cook answers these questions confidently and biblically.  Throughout this interview his enthusiasm for God and life will draw you in.  Even though his conversion was nearly eight years ago, Cook says he wakes up every day “in awe of God and his holiness and his grace on me.” He’s just about to finish up his seminary degree at BIOLA (Talbot), working with JP Moreland and others.  His goal is to develop a ministry that helps the church understand homosexuality biblically, theologically, culturally, and personally.

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4 thoughts on “Interview 18: God Woos Fashion Set Designer from Gay Lifestyle (Becket Cook)

  • This was by far my absolute favorite interview on Restituio. The conversation was very respectful and informative. Beckett has a legendary testimony, one that is much needed in our culture today. Bless God for allowing Sean to have the opportunity to make this interview happen and be able to share it with others! Thanks.

  • Thank you so much for putting this testimony on your site! Becket is such a trophy of God’s grace. So refreshing to hear of his love for the God who saved him, and we are excited to see Becket’s ministry develop. I especially like how he so clearly articulated that life with the Lord Jesus is so much better than a life filled with things the world claims give joy.

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