Interview 16: Church of God Vision (Seth Ross)

Interview 16: Church of God Vision (Seth Ross)
Evangelism/Missionary Work

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Back in Interview 11, Joe Martin talked about how he was soon to step down from his leadership position at the Church of God (General Conference).  In this episode, you’ll hear from Seth Ross, who has taken up the mantle and who casts his vision for the future.  You’ll learn about his background, his twenty years pastoring a church in Ohio, and how he came to be the executive director.  What I found particularly refreshing about Ross’ outlook is how non-sectarian he is.  Rather than looking at the Church of God as a denomination to be protected from hostile secularists, on the one hand, and heresy hunting evangelicals, on the other, he sees his role as a cheerleader and facilitator not only for his network of churches, but also individuals far and wide who are studying the bible and coming to discover God’s identity, the kingdom gospel, conditional immortality, and believers’ baptism.  Whether you are a member of the Church of God or not, this interview should get you excited about the future of what God’s doing in the world in our time.

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