Interview 14: Ken LaPrade’s Baptism Journey

What do you believe about baptism?  In this interview, I ask Ken LaPrade, a house church pastor in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, to share his baptism journey.  Coming from a Way International background, LaPrade learned that spirit baptism had replaced water.  As a result he had interpreted the water baptisms in Acts to be incidents where the apostles held to an outdated methodology.  Apparently, they had not realized that spirit baptism had replaced water.  However, when LaPrade went back through the book of Acts, he failed to detect any negative remarks about baptism in water.  He started to see how baptism in water and spirit actually went together in several conversion narratives in Acts.  After careful study and much prayer, LaPrade decided to take the plunge himself and was surprised when he received significant physical healing as well.  Whether you accept baptism or not, please take the time to consider LaPrade’s humble and honest-hearted approach to this important issue.

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