Off Script 20: Christmas Special

Off Script 20: Christmas Special
Off Script

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merry-christmas-png-11We take a break from our normal Off Script format to share some seasonal reminiscences and lighthearted banter about Christmas past and present.  In this somewhat silly episode you’ll learn what Christmas song Rose hates, Dan’s most cherished childhood present, and Sean’s Christmas-eve meal preference.  Other exciting topics discussed in this podcast include: why Handel’s Messiah is awesome, how to poach a Christmas tree from state land, and when it’s ok to start listening to Christmas music.  Additionally, Rose will reveal an ethnic secret about herself that you won’t want to miss.

6 thoughts on “Off Script 20: Christmas Special

  • Thanks for a fun start to my Christmas Day.

    Love stockings, and definitely as dessert, sometimes hours after all the other presents have been opened.

    They aren’t always filled with cheap junk either. Sometimes the small, best presents are in them.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  • This was an interesting discussion for me as an ex Jehovah’s Witness! We never celebrated Christmas because of its pagan origin, and as you can imagine this was very difficult for our children as they were growing up, and they would have to explain to their teachers and school friends why they did not take part in the Christmas festivities either at school or at home.

    If I had my time again as a mother, then for the sake of my son I would definitely celebrate Christmas, but in a limited way I think.

  • A very fun discussion indeed. As a young family working through heavy theological shifts I have no clue what we’re going to continue celebrating, but we’re doing Christmas and Chanukah currently. From what I can remember growing up, we were post present stalkings. Again, I’m with Dan. Ruth’s ethic secret was no surprise here, I almost guessed it when I met her but did not want to come off as rude. Blessings to you all, hope your Christmas was great!

  • This was indeed a very interesting chat and bought back a lot of childhood memories and made me think about my own family traditions during the holiday. I love your custom of reading Matthew Chapter 2 and Luke Chapter 2:1-20. Back in my childhood days we had stockings but they were mostly for decorative tree purposes and were filled with assorted candies; it wasn’t until I got older that I adopted the tradition of buying stockings for everyone in my family and had them individually personalized so that we’d have them each year. The stockings contained small items of a more personal nature, ranging from colognes and perfumes to gloves, socks or store gift cards, etc. We allow each person to go into their stocking stuffer on Christmas Eve – so let’s say, it was an appetizer, with the intent to keep everyone satisfied until Christmas Day and the opening of their gifts under the tree! The best time as a kid on X-Mas eve was eagerly going to bed early for fear of Santa Clause bypassing our roof if we were not asleep! I remember it being one of the most joyful family times growing up. I loved hearing the beautiful Christmas songs that were played during the holidays as a child and made it a tradition in my home as well. Some of my favorites songs are the Temptations version of Silent Night to Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band’s live rendition of Merry Christmas Baby.

    Upon discovering that Christ was more than likely not born on December 25 and that it was of Pagan origin, with no biblical command to acknowledge or celebrate, I struggled with observing it and decided to be truthful with my children in exposing the fallacies about it and how important it was, as Christ said, to remember his death (1 Corinthians 11:24-26), coupled with the fact that the many who do believe and celebrate it are more concerned with ‘what’ they will get, or so worried about what they are unable to give that they are willing to put themselves into a financial bind well into the new year to do so. It’s certainly a retailer’s best time of the year and people are bombarded with advertising and sales offers to shop until they drop! People can also be unthankful when they don’t get what they want and the thought of Christ is the farthest from their minds. However, despite those truths, it’s still a wonderful time of the year, with beautiful lights and nicely decorated trees, smiling faces and the greetings and kindness from strangers are abound. The sound of holiday hymns and the luster of the lights still bring about that feeling of peace I always felt as a child during the holiday – even if temporary, and in these times, that’s not such a bad thing. So I admit, although I know the truth about Christmas and have ensured that my children do as well, I do acknowledge the spirit of it, i.e., the kindness, hospitality and giving to others in some capacity, and I give thanks to God for his son, Jesus Christ, our Messiah, not just during the holiday, but every day of the year!

  • Loved the special Christmas edition!

    Per Dan’s Christmas stocking survey, you can put me in the fence-sitter category*. When I was a kid, our family tradition was to attack the stockings first — before breakfast and before any of the other presents. However, as I’ve matured(!) I have been increasingly drawn to the Christmas-stocking-as-dessert viewpoint.

    Another viewpoint — one which our family currently exercises — is to not bother with Christmas stockings at all. I don’t know if it’s because our kids are all adults now, or if it’s because I’m just lazy. I’m content to blame it on the fact that we don’t have a fireplace. 🙂

    *According to an old-time former pastor of mine, another name for a fence-sitter is a mugwump — someone who sits on the fence with his mug facing one way, and his “wump” facing the other. 🙂

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the special Christmas edition. I guess you already know that I’m the instituter of the stockings-for-dessert tradition in our family. Would not have guessed you were Jewish, Rose. Are any of your siblings Christian? Wishing you all much enrichment in Christ in this upcoming year

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