Interview 7: An Analytic Philosopher Unleashes Logic on the Trinity (Dale Tuggy)

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In my previous interview with Professor Dale Tuggy, we discussed his journey of faith.  In this conversation I ask him to discuss logical and biblical problems with the Trinity.  This is a higher level conversation, but well worth the listen if you are at all curious about the Trinity or are interesting in hearing how analytic philosophers approach complex doctrines.

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4 thoughts on “Interview 7: An Analytic Philosopher Unleashes Logic on the Trinity (Dale Tuggy)

  • Thank you so much for these podcasts, Sean your are doing great work for God. Love hearing Dale and yourself speaking truth in scripture, Thank you.

  • Thanks for all your work online. I’ve been wrestling through issues related to the doctrine of God for several years and have hugely benefitted from all that you’ve done. Thank you! I’m also a big fan of Dr Tuggy’s work online, so these last two episodes of the podcast have been great. Very very helpful.

  • Thanks plenty, Sean. I’ve been listening for a while to podcasts from both yourself and Dale. Encouraging & a great help to working through the problems of trinitarian ‘logic’. Spiritually refreshing to move away from the inconsistencies of trinitarianism to a view with greater consistency both internally & with the Scriptural witness. I have learned much. Mark (Faulconbridge, NSW, Australia).

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