Interview 6: Dale Tuggy’s Journey

Interview 6: Dale Tuggy’s Journey

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In this interview with philosopher Dr. Dale Tuggy, I ask him questions about his personal spiritual journey.  Dr. Tuggy is an analytic philosopher who works on world religions and the doctrine of the Trinity.  He’s a tenured professor of philosophy at the State University of New York at Fredonia.  Furthermore, he runs a popular website called where he blogs and hosts a podcast of the same name.  Dr. Tuggy also wrote the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on the Trinity, an excellent read, including a very informative supplemental reading called “unitarianism.”  In what follows I interview Dr. Tuggy about his own journey of faith, including how he became a Christian, what got him into philosophy, how he came to doubt the traditional doctrine of the trinity, and where he sees the future of the biblical unitarian movement going.

To get in touch with Professor Tuggy, visit or his personal bio page.  Also, you can subscribe to his podcast on iTunes or Google Play and follow him Youtube.

5 thoughts on “Interview 6: Dale Tuggy’s Journey

  • Excellent! Thank you, both.

    Tuggy articulated something that has been brewing in the back of my mind lately: “God would rather have ten humble Trinitarians that are trying to follow Jesus every day, and act his teachings in their daily lives, he’d rather have ten of those guys than one constantly battling and self-righteous, angry, condemning, doctrine-obsessed Unitarian, who’s got the correct theology. So…don’t be that guy. If we’re that guy, the movement’s doomed.”

  • In my experience of growing up in the Roman Catholic church, the trinity doctrine, three persons in one God, did not really have a great impact on how we viewed God and Jesus Christ. We were taught that the trinity was a blessed mystery and so we kind of left it at that, and so whenever we spoke about God and Jesus it was always as two separate persons.

    I think for many truth seekers/church attenders, the trinity is not always such a big deal, though for many others it is of course as we know. There are a lot of people who are genuinely interested in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus etc, and that interest then can eventually lead into the truth about who God and Jesus are.

    I think a big problem for the biblical Unitarian movement is lack of churches and Christian fellowship.

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