Off Script 13: Should Christians Watch TV?

Off Script 13: Should Christians Watch TV?
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What standards should Christians have when it comes to entertainment?  Can the bible offer any guidance for such a modern issue?  Every day shows, movies, books, and songs bombard us with all kinds of ideas and depictions that constantly nudge us in different directions.  Although, we like to think of ourselves as impervious to the subtle effects of violent movies, sex scenes, foul language, and so on, the truth is we are more like sponges than stones.  This is an important topic worthy of your consideration.

2 thoughts on “Off Script 13: Should Christians Watch TV?

  • You each brought up great points and I really appreciate your transparency during this episode. Growing up Christian, yet taking advantage of grace, I purchased over 500 DVD’s and most we’re rated R. I thought I was untouchable but I was wrong and they most certainly affected my life as a follower of Christ. I’m forever grateful that the Holy One, Blessed be He, has done a radical change within me, that my old desire to collect and watch horrible films has been replaced with a extreme hunger to collect and read books that allow me to grow in my faith. Again, great discussion guys!

  • Thanks for tackling this contemporary (and, as it turns out, not so contemporary) subject with candor, and for pointing us to Jesus.

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