Interview 4: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Healing (Bill and Anne DeNenno)

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Some say faith-healing is a charade, concocted by charlatans to build their empires on the backs of the afflicted and suffering.  Others think that Christians who reject healing contradict what Jesus said and did, preferring the comfort of tradition instead of unleashing God’s mighty power.  What do you believe about supernatural healing?  Listen in to this interview with Bill and Ann DeNenno to hear what they’ve learned in four decades of pursuing and practicing healing.  In this interview they discuss the benefits of keeping an open mind so that you can learn from others outside your own tradition.  They go on to talk about deliverance (casting out demons), including both some of the excesses they witnessed as well as the genuine results they’ve encountered.  Next they explain inner healing and how God can set us free from emotional wounds that happened long ago, but still push us around today.  Lastly, they share about Christ-centered healing, where they look to Christ as both the example and the active agent in healing today. You can contact the DeNennos directly via email at

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