Off Script 5: Scientism

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Is scientific knowledge superior to all other forms of knowledge?  How should Christians balance faith and reason?  Join Rose Rider, Daniel Fitzsimmons, and Sean Finnegan as they discuss science and religion in an effort to describe and deconstruct the naive notion that science has all the answers.

Read a detailed article on Scientism here.

One thought on “Off Script 5: Scientism

  • I really love these podcasts because they are so far from the smalltalk that permeate so many conversations. They are so thought provoking. Forget about being anxious when people stand against the gospel you preach, because “the truth has nothing to fear.” Love it. Darwin was a strong believer in God’s creation. Love it. Scientists always accuse religion of “blind faith.” True faith can never be blind. The overwhelming evidence we discover is the reason we have faith. Faith is not limited to religion. Love it. Keep up the good work.

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