Podcast 14: My Story, His Glory (Joel Hemphill)

Podcast 14: My Story, His Glory (Joel Hemphill)

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by Joel Hemphill

In this short but revealing testimony, famed southern gospel singer Joel Hemphill tells his journey from oneness to one.  Growing up in the “Jesus only” movement, he preached and sung about Jesus as God until the Father began to show him the light.  His transparent honesty comes through as he narrates of how he courageously opened his mind to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he had gotten the most important doctrine wrong for all of these years; he had misidentified God with Jesus and consequently robbed him of his glory.  Now that Hemphill has seen the light, he writes and travels proclaiming the glory of God the Father with vigor and passion.

One thought on “Podcast 14: My Story, His Glory (Joel Hemphill)

  • There are a few, and I mean ONE online poster I know of who is both an Abrahamic Monotheist AND a Pentecostal. I would like to speak to Joel about his own view, if it has changed or not regarding his PENTECOSTAL background. I tried Dan Gill on the 21st Century site and he would not respond to me or John Carter, the man I know of.

    Maybe Joel can contribute about any issues he has with that site and Anthony Buzzard’s view, which I know from personal emails to be sort of anti. Thank you. I am not so much a troublemaker as being of honest inquiry. I don’t necessarily pull my “punches” but am not likely to “pull the trigger” on them either.

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