Interview 28: Exegetical Fallacies (Jerry Wierwille)

Interview 28: Exegetical Fallacies (Jerry Wierwille)

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Why are there so many divergent beliefs about what the bible teaches?  Partially, this results from mistakes we make when reading scripture.  In this interview, Dr. Jerry Wierwille enumerates seven typical fallacies that bible students commit when reading:

  1. Root Fallacy
  2. Time-Frame Fallacy
  3. Misusing Parallels Fallacy
  4. Single Meaning Fallacy
  5. Word-Concept Fallacy
  6. Disjunctive Fallacy
  7. Lexical Fallacy

Avoiding these pitfalls will help you engage with scripture better and build solid understandings that can stand up to critical analysis.


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One thought on “Interview 28: Exegetical Fallacies (Jerry Wierwille)

  • This is my favorite Restitutio episode to date. Jerry shares exceptional information that will prove lucrative for the lay exegete and professional theologian alike. This episode met the basic requirements to be shared into a special group that I’m in, which mainly focuses on Biblical languages and how to correctly interpret them. The group is loaded with professors and bible students of all categories. The episode was liked by many in the group so perhaps some new listeners will show up.

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