Interview 26: Word of Faith vs. Trusting in God (John Schoenheit)

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What is faith?  To some it is believing in something without evidence.  To others it is a means by which to attain God’s blessings like prosperity and health.  John Schoenheit explains how neither of these definitions best encapsulates the biblical understanding.  Instead, he shows how faith is really just trust in what God says, whether in scripture or by revelation.  In this fascinating interview you’ll learn about how the meaning of the word faith has changed throughout Christian history as well as how the “Word of Faith” approach could ruin your life.

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2 thoughts on “Interview 26: Word of Faith vs. Trusting in God (John Schoenheit)

  • A very enjoyable interview! I’ve heard many stories, like John’s here, where ‘weak in faith’ Christians are told by ‘strong’ Christians, that they lack faith in an area and need to give up whatever it is that is hindering their faith so they can see God’s work accomplished in their lives.. e.g John’s glasses story.
    If I could offer one critique, it would be an issue of semantics. I perceive John to be a well educated gentleman, far beyond me, but I was dissatisfied that he didn’t mention the Hebrew אֱמוּנָה , ey-mu-nah, (faith) behind πίστις. He still did an excellent job, and I wouldn’t disagree with his work at all, I would just suggest a study starting with Hebrew rather than Greek.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • I have a question everytime I post something about God being one God I get a response from the trinitarians he is one God but in 3 persons are all these views just speculation like Jehovahs witness or seventh day adventist and then these people don’t believe in reading anything but the King James version because of the error of Westcott and Hort in their interpretation of scripture.. They don’t believe in the Dead sea scrolls, that have an older text supposedly of earlier scripture, and it just goes on and on!!! What makes you think you are right as an Monotheist???

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