90: Jonathen Favors Faith Journey (2017 Theo. Conf.)

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Having overcome his desire to remain in the background, Jonathen Favors boldly shared his testimony of coming to understand who God is.  After a severe football injury, he had a lot of time to spend time with and think about God.  While attending BIOLA University, he had learned that the title “Son of God” is a messianic title, but he didn’t understand how God could be three in one.  He began reading through scripture to discover Jesus’ conception of God.


Notes and Links:

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  • Intro music: “District Four” by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

2 thoughts on “90: Jonathen Favors Faith Journey (2017 Theo. Conf.)

  • As one who has taught the biblical basis of the Trinity for 30 years, I’m saddened by a student who didn’t listen well to his teachers at Biola. The Son of God is a messianic title but not ONLY a description of the Davidic Messiah. The Son is the one sent from heaven, the one who shared God’s glory from before creation, the one who is God as is the Father, the one who is ever the Son just as the Father is ever the Father. One simply needs first to believe the Bible, and then to dig deeper.

    • Mr. Scott Horrell,
      I for one was a Trinitarian defender for over thirty years until last year. I believed (and still believe) the Bible and dug deeper (and still do). The deeper I get into the Word of God, the more I see that the Trinity is not only unbiblical but also illogical. Further, my conclusion is this: The Father *alone* is the one true God of the Bible, and Jesus is not. I try explaining this in the current article I’m writing in my blog https://realgjesus.blogspot.com/.
      I wish to have a civil discussion with you, sir.
      Best regards to you!

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