3 thoughts on “What Happens When You Die?

  • Congratulations. It’s about time someone put this on the internet. It’s what I and others have always believed.

    After an in depth study I found 365 scriptures on the subject, ALL 365 of which say the same thing – death is a returning to the dust of the ground and the spirit/breath returns to God who gave it.

    I am heartily fed-up with those Christians who focus on the few scriptures they have been taught in church that are accepted out of context from all the other scriptures on the same subject, and thus skew what the Bible says is the truth. It’s called wresting the scriptures. They prefer the theology they’ve been taught rather than examining the subject honestly. IF they check to see if what they’ve been told is right, they only look at the scriptures they’ve been told about. It takes proper, in-depth study on a subject to get God’s view. A lot of Christians do not do deep personal Bible study. Almost all of those I speak with in various churches don’t really know the Bible, don’t even recognise scriptures quoted in ordinary conversation.

    I’ve been called a heretic because I choose to see what the whole Bible teaches and refuse to accept the theology of church tradition – and that’s all it is, tradition! I’ve had attempts at emotional blackmail, being told “The Church doesn’t accept people who don’t accept this”. Well unfortunately the church has no authority anywhere in Scripture to accept or reject anyone on God’s behalf. I wonder how many throughout history the ‘church’ has rejected whom God Himself actually accepted. I feel like yelling with frustration – “Don’t keep telling me I’m wrong and the Bible doesn’t say that when all I’m doing is quoting verbatim what the Bible says. (For those who don’t take the time to study properly/at all) – Read/Study Your Bible Yourself Instead Of Sitting In Church And Being Spoon Fed By Someone Else!”

    Remember what Jesus Himself said to the Pharisees – he castigated them for teaching the traditions of men rather than the Word of God. Theological tradition is an unsafe path to follow. For those with hearts honest before God, put the whole Word of God on any subject before anything men teach, lest it leads astray from Biblical TRUTH! Church Tradition is NOT NECESSARILY TRUTH AS GOD SEES IT and we are supposed to see as HE sees, not as men see.

    Apologies if my language seems intemperate, I’ve no wish to offend anyone, but having had/seen so much church rejection because of what the Bible teaches, I have strong feelings on the subject of what heresy truly is.

  • By whose authority?
    Jesus left apostles to guide His church and that is the Catholic Church as we can trace our roots all the way to Jesus and Papal succession. The Church is the authority with the current Pope and Bishops

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