Interview 15: Healing from Abuse and Abandonment (Claudia Scott)

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Claudia Scott is one of the pillars of our church, a woman of faith who carries herself with dignity and poise. Growing up, she’s been an example to me of faithfulness and passion for God. Having only known her over the last twenty or so years, I was clueless about how much she had been through in her past. She suffered repeated sexual abuse for years as a child. Once she left the house, her life didn’t fair much better. When she met God and discovered his power to heal her, she began a journey that eventually led her to mental relief and peace of mind. This is her story.

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2 thoughts on “Interview 15: Healing from Abuse and Abandonment (Claudia Scott)

  • Thank you, Claudia, for your encouraging story. Sad to listen to in places, but a wonderful outcome.

    We can take comfort from the fact that God knows us better than we know ourselves.

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