Off Script 21: The Bible Is Too Antiquated

Off Script 21: The Bible Is Too Antiquated

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old-bibleThe youngest part of the bible is nearly 2,000 years old.  How can such an ancient book have any relevance to our complex and technologically advanced world?  How would you answer this objection?  It’s certainly undeniable that our world is so much different from the nomadic shepherds of three millennia ago.  However, science, political innovations, and technology have failed to generate a golden age of tranquility and prosperity.  Our world is just as fragmented and fraught with dysfunction and injustice as ever.  The internet has enabled us to access an unprecedented amount of information from all around the world quickly and cheaply.  However, the net effect has led to information overload as searchers find themselves paralyzed by all of the “authoritative” perspectives and “experts” clamoring for attention.   Increasingly people are turning to ancient analog faiths for answers in our digital age.  The luster of virtual reality has worn off for many as they find their souls empty and isolated after binging on the dainties of television shows and social media.  Many are looking for something real, something tried and tested, something with substance.  This is where the bible has fresh appeal for our age.  When we compare the scriptures to other historical books, they stand head and shoulders above them in that they are better preserved, more accessible, and more practical than the others.  Timeless moral principles, powerful motivation, and encouraging hope make the bible an elixir to the soul’s of countless readers worldwide.  Listen in as we discuss how the bible remains relevant and powerful in our time.

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2 thoughts on “Off Script 21: The Bible Is Too Antiquated

  • As always a great discussion on a provocative topic. I found it interesting that you brought up the fact that a majority of millennials liken Christianity to a sinking ship. From within Christianity, I liken it to a ship bound for destruction, yet instead of jumping on the life boat, I choose to stay in and try to help steer it back on the right course. I’m not suggesting I have all the answers to solve all the problems within the Church, but there are problems that I find bothersome, such as anti-intellectualism found in many leaders and congregants and the sale and teaching of dogma as opposed to what Scripture says. I’ve learned that dogma and the pursuit of truth are enemies. Still, there is no denying that religion is not dead nor is Christianity. Fortunately these problems that I noted seem to be being addressed by recent scholars and hopefully that trickles down to Church leadership and so on. The amount of languages the Bible is in is quite impressive. I’m looking forward to the next Offscript 🙂

  • Yes, the Bible is timeless – it’s as applicable today as it was when it was written under inspiration of holy spirit (2 Pet 1:20,21). Reading and studying the Bible is how we find peace; it’s a time when we are close to God and Jesus Christ.

    In order to understand the Bible, we must start at the right place – prayer and a desire for knowledge will help us to find our “beginning” place, and then make progress as we travel through Holy Scripture and discover all the wonderful treasures that God in His infinite wisdom has provided for us. And what about helping others to find God and learn the teachings of Jesus Christ? We must seek out and “listen” to each interested “individual” in order to help them find their “beginning” place in the Bible.

    The internet is an amazing tool for knowledge, but as has often been said, it can also be a minefield, and so we must be like the Bereans and check everything – our first stop must always be the Bible (Acts 17:11).

    Gal 5:22,23 – the fruit of the spirit; these are qualities that we must learn to cultivate. I think “joy” is important, because even as we go through trials, there can still be moments of joy.

    The book of James is a great place to go for “wisdom” when dealing with difficult situations, perhaps with family members or work colleagues, eg “wisdom is gentle” and “mercy triumphs over judgement” (James 3:17; 2:12,13).

    As Jesus’ disciples, our prayer is that he will lead us to his sheep because they are all precious to him. (John 10:14-18).

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