Off Script 18: Christians Are Hypocrites

Off Script 18: Christians Are Hypocrites

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hypocrisyIn part two of our series on objections to Christianity, we look at the issue of hypocrisy.  Many are unwilling to even consider Christianity as a viable option because they’ve witnessed or heard about some horrible act of hypocrisy by a Christian leader.  It’s hard to deny that hypocrisy is a major problem in Christianity today.  Whether we look at child molestation among Catholic priests, evangelicals who fall into adultery, or prosperity gospel preachers who squeeze every penny out of their poor congregations, hypocrisy is a black eye on the bride of Christ.  How can we talk to skeptics and unbelievers about this issue?  How can we avoid hypocrisy in our own lives?  The cure lies in the teaching and example of Jesus.  Listen to this frank discussion and learn how to respond to this ubiquitous objection.

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