The Moral Argument for God’s Existence

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Check out this video from William Craig’s ministry, Reasonable Faith, explaining why God exists using morality.

Here is the three step argument:

  1. If God doesn’t exist, objective morals don’t exist
  2. Objective morals do exist
  3. God exists

If we agree that certain actions are morally wrong for everyone (objective morality), then we have to look for a source of such universal values.  That source could be individual preference, cultural norms, or biological evolution.  If the source of objective morals is the individual, then by definition they are not objective but subjective (which is a contradiction).  If the source is the culture, then once again absolute moral values would change from society to society (which is a contradiction).  If they came from evolution, then then all that really matters is maximizing your opportunities to pass on your genetic code.  This perspective could justify eugenics, rape, and murder.  Thus on atheistic evolution, the only ones who are moral are sociopaths.  This can’t be right.  However, if a source of morality exists with an impeccable perspective on right and wrong, then we can avoid contradictions, on the one hand, and anti-social behavior, on the other.  God is the best explanation for where morality originates.

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