Off Script 14: Should Christians Watch Horror Movies?

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horrorHorror movies inspire fear, causing our hearts to beat faster and our adrenaline to flow.  Their monsters, murder, and jump scares have won them a dedicated following.  In this episode, we discuss whether Christians have any business watching horror movies.  We talk about where to draw the line and what exactly is problematic about this genre.  Furthermore, we talk about haunted houses and the idea of using such fear tactics to win people to the Lord.  Whether you love horror or hate it, this episode should help you to think through this issue from a biblical perspective.

One thought on “Off Script 14: Should Christians Watch Horror Movies?

  • Another great addition to the Off Script series. I enjoyed the dialogue between you all. Regarding the haunted house topic, I would have to side with Dan. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this concept.

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