Interview 5: Seeking Truth Wherever It Leads (Brian and Rochelle Allen)

Brian and Rochelle Allen of Vermont share their journey of faith, including how they became discontent with the traditional evangelical doctrines they grew up believing.  In this interview they discuss how recontextualizing the bible in its Hebrew thought-world opened their eyes to understand Jesus so much better.  He is the Jewish Messiah sent to redeem Israel, not an eternally generated, second-person of a metaphysical Trinity.  In addition, they discuss how they studied their way out of the rapture ideology, popularized by the Left Behind book series.  I think you’ll find their story intriguing and heartfelt, but even more compelling is their intellectual humility.  This husband and wife team is a true example of what it means to be a Berean in the 21st century.

2 thoughts on “Interview 5: Seeking Truth Wherever It Leads (Brian and Rochelle Allen)

  • Brian and Rochelle are my daughter and son-in-law, respectively. We have taken this journey together. I am very proud as I listen to this interview. Brian and Rochelle are so well-spoken and humble and they are true. I hope this interview helps many people. I want to thank Sean for doing this. I remember when I first sat with Brian on my couch and asked him to watch Sean’s video with me: “5 Problems with the Trinity”, and near the end of it, Brian said, “I think I know this guy”. Then to find out that Sean was actually a pastor of Brian’s brother Jim’s church. God works in amazing ways. Very good! Todah!
    Dave LeBlanc, Milton VT

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