Podcast 62: Is the New Testament Trustworthy? (Apologetics 12)

Apologetics 12: New Testament Trustworthiness For the New Testament we can employ several of the same lines of reasoning as the Old Testament, though there are a couple more to consider like internal evidence and messianic prophecies that help bolster the case. Furthermore, many people’s lives have been changed by reading and believing the words[…]

Podcast 59: Is the Old Testament Trustworthy? (Apologetics 10)

Apologetics 10: Old Testament Trustworthiness Last time we looked as reasons to believe the Jewish scribes reliably transmitted the Old Testament so that what we have today is what they actually wrote. This time you’ll learn five main reasons why we believe the Hebrew bible is true: (1) archaeology, (2) medical insights, (3) unflattering honesty,[…]

Hezekiah Bulla

Archaeologists have recently identified a bulla that belonged to Hezekiah, the ancient king of Judah.  In addition to Sennacherib’s prism and the Siloam tunnel, this new find bolsters our confidence in the historicity of the biblical Hezekiah.  Here is a short definition of what bullae are from the Biblical Archeaeology Society: Clay bullae, or seal[…]

Podcast 2: James Ossuary (Ben Witherington)

by Ben Witherington III Have you heard about the controversial James Ossuary?  An ossuary is a small coffin, often made of limestone, that the Jews in the second Temple period used for the bones of their deceased loved ones.  Someone found an ossuary with the inscription “James son of Joseph, his brother is Jesus.”  Could[…]