Revive 2017 Audios

Here are the messages from Revive (January 6-8, 2017), held at Woodstock YMCA in Connecticut. Friday Night Sean Finnegan — You Can Be Holy Saturday Morning Stan Chee — Battlegrounds for Holiness Vince Finnegan — God Is Holy Saturday Night Chris Sytsma — Perspective Victor Gluckin — Don’t Put It on a Cart Sunday Morning[…]

Top 5 Interviews from 2016

Here are the top five* Restitutio interviews (not including Off Script episodes and regular podcasts): 1 Dale Tuggy’s Journey [231 Downloads] In this interview with philosopher Dr. Dale Tuggy, I ask him questions about his personal spiritual journey. Dr. Tuggy is an analytic philosopher who works on world religions and the doctrine of the Trinity.[…]

Top 5 Regular Podcasts from 2016

Here are the top five* regular Restitutio podcasts (not including Off Script episodes and Interviews): 1 Theism, Atheism, and Pantheism [214 Downloads] In Building Belief, Chad Meister uses a worldview comparison chart to simplify all the religions of the world into three broad categories: theism, atheism, and pantheism. This strategy will help you to compare[…]

Top 5 Off Script Episodes of 2016

Off Script is a series of round table discussions with Rose Rider, Daniel Fitzsimmons, and Sean Finnegan, focusing on practical Christian thinking. Here are the top five Off Script podcast episodes from 2016.* 1 Should Christians Watch Horror Movies? [168 Downloads] Horror movies inspire fear, causing our hearts to beat faster and our adrenaline to[…]