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Last weekend Living Hope International Ministries (LHIM) sponsored KingdomFest 2017 with the theme: “Yahweh, there is no other.”  In addition to fabulous praise music, scrumptious homemade food, and tons of time to fellowship with each other, we heard teachings from the following people:

  1. John McCave “Yahweh Is the Only God
  2. John Schoenheit “John 1:1
  3. Stan Chee “Trinity History
  4. Victor Gluckin “Jesus, the Son of God
  5. Vince Finnegan “God of Justice
  6. Dwayne Kerr “God of Love
  7. Seth Ross “Lessons from 100 Years of Biblical Unitarianism

This was an unprecedented collaboration of so many groups, including Christian Outreach Fellowships (Long Island, NY), Spirit and Truth Fellowship (Bloomington, IN), Christian Disciples Church (Toronto, Canada), Living Faith Christian Church (Warwick, RI), Living Hope International Ministries (Albany, NY), and the Church of God General Conference (McDonough, GA).  Together, we rallied around the biblical truth that our God is one.  Here is playlist of all the videos from the weekend.

In addition to the sermons, we also enjoyed an energetic worship service on Saturday night, led by Jacob Rohrer.  Here is that video:

I’ll probably post some of these on the Restitutio podcast, but figured you might want to watch these on Youtube.  I also wanted to thank all of you who came to KingdomFest for the first time.  It was great to meet you!

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