86: Kingdom in Isaiah (Kingdom of God 3)

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The prophet Isaiah spoke more about the kingdom than any other prophet in the Hebrew bible. Consequently, his book is a phenomenal place to begin developing our understanding of what the kingdom will be like.  Stitching together his various snapshots, we encounter a magnificent collage detailing a new world full of peace, justice, and healing.

This is lecture 3 of the Kingdom of God class, originally taught at the Atlanta Bible College.  To take this class for credit, please contact ABC so you can do the work necessary for a grade.


God will make everything wrong with the world right.

Isaiah 2.1-4

  • all nations will go to God’s mountain to learn how to live
  • God will settle disputes between nations and peoples
  • weapons of war will turn into tools of agriculture
  • no more learning or waging war

Isaiah 9.2-7

  • human child will shoulder the government
  • no end to the increase of his government
  • he will reign on the throne of David
  • uphold kingdom with justice forever
  • Yahweh’s zeal will get this done

Isaiah 11.1-10

  • the spirit of God will rest upon the king
  • his delight will be in the fear of Yahweh
  • he won’t judge by eyes and ears
  • he will make just decisions for the poor and meek
  • with the “rod of his mouth” and “the breath of his lips” he will kill the wicked
  • he will be righteous and faithful
  • animals will live in peace w/ each other and humanity
  • no one will hurt or destroy in God’s holy mountain
  • the earth will be full of the knowledge of Yahweh as waters cover the sea
  • the nations will inquire of the “root of Jesse”

Isaiah 25.6-9

  • reach feast of well-aged wine and choice meats
  • he will swallow up death forever
  • the Lord Yahweh will wipe away tears from all faces
  • he will wipe away the reproach of his people from the earth
  • people will be glad and rejoice in his salvation

Isaiah 35.1-10

  • desert will blossom abundantly
  • they will see the glory and majesty of our God
  • God will come with vengeance and recompense
  • he will come and save you
  • the disabled will find healing (blind, deaf, lame, mute)
  • singing and “everlasting joy” coming to Zion
  • sorrow and sighing will flee away

Isaiah 51.3-8

  • God will make Zion’s waste places like Eden, the garden of Yahweh
  • thanksgiving and voice of song will be found in Zion
  • God’s salvation and righteousness will be forever

Isaiah 60.1-22

  • wealth of the nations will come to Jerusalem
  • foreigners will build up Jerusalem’s walls
  • Jerusalem’s gates will be open continually (24/7)
  • any nation that refuses to serve Jerusalem will perish, utterly laid waste
  • Yahweh will be Jerusalem’s everlasting light instead of the sun
  • all the people will be righteous
  • they will possess the land forever
  • all so God might be glorified

Isaiah 61.1-7

  • good news to the poor
  • liberty to the captives
  • comfort those who mourn
  • call people oaks of righteousness to God’s glory
  • repair ruined cities
  • strangers/foreigners will tend flocks and work land
  • you will be priests of Yahweh
  • possess a double portion

Isaiah 65.17-25

  • create new heavens and earth
  • God will rejoice in Jerusalem and his people
  • no more will people hear the sound of weeping or the cry of distress
  • mortals will live very long lives (no more infant deaths)
  • build houses and inhabit them
  • plant vineyards and eat their fruit
  • long enjoy the work of their hands
  • before they call God will answer


2 thoughts on “86: Kingdom in Isaiah (Kingdom of God 3)

  • Hello, thank you so much for your presentations on the kingdom promises. I live in Australia and I enjoy so much the scholarship that goes into the material presented, especially the insight gained by considering the background /view the original writers or audience would have when listening or writing the scriptures.Keep up the good work, your work is coming to the attention of more and more people, and I for one are recommending your work as often as I can.

  • Hello Sean, It was a joy to meet you at the Theological Conference! I have greatly been enjoying these podcasts on the Kingdom, as I’m new to the whole thing (coming from the more typical evangelical view of the ages to come). I was curious regarding Isaiah 65:20, if this means there will still be death in the Kingdom, and if so, for whom that would be. It seems strange that we have heard that death will be swallowed up, yet death is mentioned here (God asserting people will not die too young implies they will still die, but just at a ripe old age). If you or anyone else are able to address this point, it would be quite interesting to discover.

    Thank you for your wonderful work, keep it up!

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