Case for Christ Movie Nails It

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The Case for Christ, a classic apologetics book that provides evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, is now a movie!  The film follows the lives of Lee and Leslie Strobel, a happily married non-religious couple in the Chicago area.  One night out a restaurant, their daughter begins choking on something and nearly dies.  However, at the last moment, a woman from another table swoops in and saves the child through some sort of Heimlich maneuver.  Naturally the Strobels find themselves full of gratitude to this woman.  It turns out she’s a nurse and a woman of faith.  She tells them she was headed to another restaurant but God directed her to this one.  This really gets Leslie’s attention, though Lee sloughs it off as coincidence.  As a result of this incident Leslie starts exploring Christianity while Lee remains a committed atheist.

Lee is so disturbed by his wife’s new faith that he sets out on a quest to turn his award-winning investigative journalism skills on Christianity.  His goal is simply to uncover the holes in the faith, so he can save his wife from this religious cult.  In the course of investigating it, he comes to face to face with an overwhelming mountain of evidence for the historicity of the resurrection.

Whether you’ve read the book or not, you just have to watch this movie.  Surprisingly lacking from this Christian film are theological blunders and cheesy Christian music, though you will have to sit through previews for children’s movies since the MPAA still has no clue what to do with Christians films.  Pure Flix is getting better and better.  However, due to its overtly Christian title and content, I doubt it will last long in the theaters, so you should go as soon as possible.  In my own area, of roughly 8 theaters, only 1 was playing it.  This is also a great film to bring a skeptic or non-believing friend.

2 thoughts on “Case for Christ Movie Nails It

  • Cool. Thanks for the review. I wasn’t sure if we wanted to see this movie, or not. Now I know we will.

  • Awesome! I just heard this film being promoted on the radio (being released on May 4th in Australia) and was really impressed by an interview they were having with Lee. Funny, because I actually thought to myself, ‘Hmm I wonder what Sean and the Restitutio gang think about this one?’….so I jumped online and was pretty stoked when I saw this!

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