Gay and Christian? Dealing with Same-Sex Attraction as a Christ-Follower (Wesley Hill)

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Today the church is faced with a false dichotomy: (1) show love and acceptance to same-sex attracted people or (2) get labeled as homophobic and hateful bigots.  But, is there a third way?  What about women and men who have a homosexual orientation but want to follow Christ authentically?  What does the gospel say to such people?  In this talk by Wesley Hill, he talks about his own story, growing up in the church as a gay man.  As a result of his acceptance of the bible, he chooses to remain celibate.  Here is a short summary of his perspective on this controversial issue:

I am created as a man by God.  God sees that as good.  I am fallen and I interpret my inclination to be in a sexual relationship with men as fallen.  But, I also see that as something that leads me into this vocation of committing my life to Christ and celibacy, committing myself to community and hospitality and friendship.  And so, paradoxically, the very place where I feel most fallen, is the place where I feel most called to pursue friendship.  It’s that paradox that Paul talks about with the thorn in the flesh.  The thorn is something that he calls evil.  It’s a messenger of Satan.  But, he says, that very thorn is the place where he experiences the redemptive grace of Christ.  It’s not one or the other.  The thorn is fallen and the thorn is taken up by God to be a means of blessing other people and blessing Paul himself.  I think that’s the paradox of the language of fallennes and redemption.” (Wesley Hill, “Washed and Waiting, Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality,” Agora Institute, May 10, 2014)

Here is the full talk, including the question and answer time, for your consideration:


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