Top 5 Interviews from 2016

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Here are the top five* Restitutio interviews (not including Off Script episodes and regular podcasts):

1 Dale Tuggy’s Journey

[231 Downloads] In this interview with philosopher Dr. Dale Tuggy, I ask him questions about his personal spiritual journey. Dr. Tuggy is an analytic philosopher who works on world religions and the doctrine of the Trinity. He’s a tenured professor of philosophy at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Furthermore, he runs a popular website called where he blogs and hosts a podcast of the same name. Dr. Tuggy also wrote the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on the Trinity, an excellent read, including a very informative supplemental reading called “unitarianism.” In what follows I interview Dr. Tuggy about his own journey of faith, including how he became a Christian, what got him into philosophy, how he came to doubt…

2 An Analytic Philosopher Unleashes Logic on the Trinity

[195 Downloads] In my previous interview with Professor Dale Tuggy, we discussed his journey of faith. In this conversation I ask him to discuss logical and biblical problems with the Trinity. This is a higher level conversation, but well worth the listen if you are at all curious about the Trinity or are interesting in hearing how analytic philosophers approach complex doctrines. For more about Professor Tuggy and his work, including his amazing podcast….

3 A Restorationist Discovers the God of Jesus

[190 Downloads] Kegan Chandler grew up as a bible-believing Christian in Texas. His grandfather, Pat E. Harrell, was a leader within Church of Christ who founded their Restoration Quarterly publication. As a result of his grandparents’ and parents’ passion for God, Chandler grew up in a family steeped in bible study and theological reflection. One day the Mormon’s came knocking and Chandler, the consummate apologist and champion of orthodoxy, licked his lips ….

4 Pagan Influences on the Development of the Trinity

[188 Downloads] Kegan Chandler joins me once again to talk about the history of theology. If you haven’t yet heard his story, check out Interview 8: A Restorationist Finds the God of Jesus. In this episode, I ask Chandler about his book, The God of Jesus in Light of Christian Dogma. If you are at all interested in the history of ideas that influenced what Christians in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th centuries believed about Jesus, this show is for you. Chandler address the how Plato’s Greek philosophy influenced Christian theologians as well as how the Gnostics not only anticipated much trinitarian language, but also how they influenced “orthodox” theology. After exposing the pagan influnences on the development of the Trinity, Chandler goes on to offer a better way of reading the New Testament–through the lens of second temple Judaism. Instead of reading later ideas into scripture, why not read it in light of the Hebrew bible and contemporary Jewish literature, like the Dead Sea scrolls…..

5 A Letter to a Trinitarian

[187 Downloads] Today Hugh Knowlton joins Restitutio to talk about how to handle important doctrinal differences with other Christians. So often such intra-Christian discussions generate more heat than light. Does that mean we should all just ignore our differences, forcing smiles and hoping that no one peers beneath our thin veneer of unity? Or should we charge headlong like a bull at the matador, eager to present our case and defeat all objections whatever the cost?…

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