Top 5 Off Script Episodes of 2016

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Off Script is a series of round table discussions with Rose Rider, Daniel Fitzsimmons, and Sean Finnegan, focusing on practical Christian thinking. Here are the top five Off Script podcast episodes from 2016.*

1 Should Christians Watch Horror Movies?

[168 Downloads] Horror movies inspire fear, causing our hearts to beat faster and our adrenaline to flow. Their monsters, murder, and jump scares have won them a dedicated following. In this episode, we discuss whether Christians have any business watching horror movies. We talk about where to draw the line and what exactly is problematic about this genre. Furthermore, we talk about haunted houses and the idea of using such…

2 Christians Discussing Politics

[167 Downloads] This election cycle American political discourse has sunk to a new low. Rather than presenting facts and offering persuasive arguments based on policies, we’ve seen a whole slew of false claims and personal attacks. The exchanges between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been so caustic and shameful that when I discovered my ten year-old was watching one of the presidential debates with his mom, I immediately…

3 Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

[161 Downloads] Halloween comes from the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain when the Celts believed the boundary between our world and the spirit world grew thin, allowing spirits, fairies, and disembodied souls to enter our realm. Consequently, they employed several strategies to appease and misdirect these nefarious ghosts from messing with them. However, in our secular age, most Americans who participate in Halloween neither believe in…

4 Should Christians Watch TV?

[155 Downloads] What standards should Christians have when it comes to entertainment?  Can the bible offer any guidance for such a modern issue?  Every day shows, movies, books, and songs bombard us with all kinds of ideas and depictions that constantly nudge us in different directions.  Although, we like to think of ourselves as impervious to the subtle effects of violent movies, sex scenes, foul language, and so on, the truth is we are more like sponges than stones.  This is an important topic worthy of your consideration.

5 Honorable Work, Millennials, and Unemployment

[139 Downloads] Picking up where we left off last week, we continue discussing the Christian work ethic and, in particular, delve into Max Weber’s “Protestant work ethic” hypothesis.  Next Rose shares about her own career path, including graduating with a 4.0 in graphic design and her two year struggle to find a career job.  After that, we looked at three criteria for honorable work: (1) Does your job require you to sin? (2) Are you contributing to …

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