Is the Trinity Biblical?

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I’m starting a series of videos assessing the Trinity.  I want to begin by asking, “Does the bible teach the Trinity?”  In order to answer this question, we need to define what we mean.  In one sense the Trinity is biblical and in another it is not.  Watch this video to find out more:

3 thoughts on “Is the Trinity Biblical?

  • Yes, agree, excellent teaching that does not leave us scratching our heads!

    The best way to help people with the trinity doctrine is by using the Bible and comparing scriptures. Once we start getting technical, that’s when we lose people. In my opinion the trinity doctrine is confusing enough and the best way to help people in our preaching work is to keep our explanations scriptural and simple.

    Brilliant reasoning using Peter and Satan – as you say the points you brought out were ridiculous, and of course people would readily see that – getting people to think for themselves.

  • Well done Sean. Good stuff, keep it up. I like the ‘open fist’ ‘closed fist’ concept. If someone comes at you with their understanding of Echad being a compound unity or Elohim meaning 3 in one, kindly direct them to me.

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