Podcast 48: The Courage of Esther (Sean Finnegan)

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Have you heard about Esther’s courage?  She had the audacity to stand for God in an incredibly dark time.  Though the Persian Empire had decreed the genocide of her people, she could have easily remained in the closet about her ethnicity and enjoyed the comforts of the palace.  Nonetheless, she would not stand idly by, but courageously trusted in God and risked her life to petition the king for the lives of her people.  Even if you already know the story of Queen Esther, it’s worth your time to consider how her example can encourage you to stand up for God in your own context.



Act 1: Queen Vashti disobeys Ahasuerus
Esther 1.15-20

Act 2: The Search for a New Queen
Esther 2.17

Act 3: Haman’ Plot
Esther 3.8-14

Act 4: Esther Takes a Stand
Esther 4.11, 13-14, 16; 5.13-14

Act 5: Mordecai Exalted
Esther 6.3-11

Act 6: Haman’s Demise
Esther 7.2-6, 8-9

Act 7: The Jews Delivered
Esther 8.15-17

  • What is one area in your life where fear is holding you back?
  • What is one change you would make in your life if you had the courage of Esther?
  • Do you think God would back you up if you made this change?

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