Hell Research

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Reese Watt has researched the biblical doctrine of hell for nearly thirty years.  Here is a graphical representation of what he has found.

Reese Watt -- Hell Research

He classifies all the scriptures that speak on the subject of final punishment into four categories:

  1. eternal torment: the “traditional” idea of eternal conscious torment in a blazing, unquenchable, torturous fire
  2. annihilation: God puts the wicked out of their misery, annihilating them so that they cease to exist
  3. universal repentance: also known as “universalism,” eventually everyone repents and gets out of hell
  4. neutral: texts here could endorse any of the previous three views

Read more on his website: gentlegod.org

Also, check out RethinkingHell.com, the premier blog and podcast on annihilationism.

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