How to Invite Someone to Read the Bible

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Have you ever thought of reading the bible with a non-Christian?  The idea is simple yet profound.  Do you have any friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or family members who are not yet believers, but that you think might agree to read the bible with you?  Step one is figuring out whom you want to ask.

Start by praying that God will lead you to someone to whom he is already looking to reveal more of himself.  You can be sure that those people exist, because Jesus has already told us that the harvest fields are “white for harvest.”  Certainly, there will be someone in your sphere of relationships who knows that you are a Christian–someone who might be interested in reading the bible with you.  Start asking God to lead you to that person.*

Get quiet.  Pray.  Make a list of whoever comes to mind.  Pray again and ask God to direct you to which one you should ask first.  Now, you are ready for step two–the invitation.  This is 99% of the work.  Once you are over the hump of asking someone, the rest is easy.

Once you know who you want to ask, you must then ask them.  It requires some boldness.  One gentle way is simpley to as, “Would you have any interest in reading the bible with me for a few weeks?”  Now, keep in mind that while asking this might be a scary thing for you to do, it may not be a scary thing for your friend or family member to consider.  After all, most people are more threatened when asked to attend a church service or program where lots of people might be present, many of whom they have never met.  Reading one-to-one is a more personal way to introduce somebody to the bible.**

Once someone agrees, you might want to follow some of these questions when you get together.

*David Helm, One to One Bible Reading (Kingsford, Australia: Matthias Media, 2011), p. 23.


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