Podcast 8: Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus (William Craig)

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by William Lane Craig

How do we know God really raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead?  If I say, “The bible tells me so,” what is the obvious next question?  “How do you know the bible is true?”  Of course, then I would need to launch into a full on defense of biblical inspiration.  But what if there were another way–a shortcut?  Rather than assume or prove the bible is God’s inspired book, what if we could still demonstrate that the thesis “God raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead” is the best explanation of the historical evidence?  This is precisely what William Lane Craig does in this excellent presentation.  He identifies four historical facts that believers and skeptics alike agree happened: the honorable burial, the empty tomb, the appearance experiences, and the belief in Jesus’ resurrection.  Join Craig, one of the finest apologists of the 21st century, as he lays out the historical case for Jesus’ resurrection with clarity and cogency.

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