Podcast 7: The Secret Messiah & the Triumphal Entry (Sean Finnegan)

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by Sean Finnegan

Why did Jesus so often tell people to be quiet when they discovered he was the messiah?  Christianity is all about telling the world this truth.  In fact, Jesus’ last words–the Great Commission–include the mandate to spread the gospel around the world.  So, why was it that in his own ministry he was so reticent about who he was?  Was it because of humility or did he have another reason?  Listen to this message to find out about the messianic secret and the glorious moment when Jesus publicly announced his messianic claim during his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

initial narrative (Mark 11.1-11)

  • Hosanna is “Save now”, rejoicing! jubilation! excitement!
  • turn to Zechariah 9

messianic secret

  • examples of Jesus telling people not to tell about him (messianic secret)
    1. Demon in Synagogue at Capernaum (Mark 1.21-28)
    2. Raising Jairus’ Daughter (Mark 5.21-24, 35-43)
    3. Peter’s Confession (Mark 8.27-30)
    4. So, casting out spirits he told them “shhhh don’t tell”
      • healing people like Jairus’ daughter he said “shhh don’t tell who I am”
      • even his own disciples he said “shhh don’t tell”

the triumphal entry as revealing the ultimate secret


But what is a “Messiah?”

  • is it a sensai like Woo who teaches spin-jitsu?
  • is it a power ranger megazord robot?
  • is it an Ariel sea horse? <<slide
  • it is a King like David (1 Chron 17.11-14)

three ways: (coded actions)

  1. riding the donkey (Zechariah 9.9-10 prophecy)
  2. palm branches
  3. called “Son of David”, “King of Israel”
  • Gabriel promised Mary that Jesus would rule over Israel forever (Luke 1.31-33)
  • “The Son of David”, “Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!”, “The King of Israel”

but the Romans, the bad guys, would not like that, because they wanted to stay in charge

  1. so any time someone called themselves a king
    • the Romans would kill them
  2. we’ll talk about what happened to Jesus when the Romans found out about him being called the King of the Jews next week

Jesus is Messiah! Jesus is Messiah! Jesus is Messiah!

  • is this a secret?
  • is it a secret in your life?
  • we have an opportunity (Easter is coming up)
    1. best time to invite friends, relatives, co-workers

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